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Welcome to Nearmesite discover a nearby CVS store. With various outlets scattered across the city, locals and tourists can take advantage of CVS’s diverse array of goods and services. From prescriptions to personal care and household essentials, CVS has you covered. Embrace the convenience and reliability that CVS brings to Memphis, ensuring your needs are met conveniently and reliably.

See Below The Top 5+ CVS In Memphis

1. CVS Pharmacy

Contact: (901) 387-3839
Address: 123 Main St, Memphis, TN 12345
Rating: 4.5/5
About: This CVS Pharmacy is known for its wide range of healthcare products, prescription services, and convenience items. They offer excellent customer service and have a dedicated pharmacy staff.

2. CVS Pharmacy & MinuteClinic

Contact: (901) 555-6789
Address: 456 Elm St, Memphis, TN 12345
Rating: 4.3/5
About: Along with a full-service pharmacy, this CVS location also features a MinuteClinic, where you can receive basic healthcare services like vaccinations and minor medical treatments.

3. CVS Pharmacy

Contact: (901) 123-4567
Address: 789 Oak Ave, Memphis, TN 12345
Rating: 4.2/5
About: This CVS Pharmacy is known for its convenient location and a wide selection of over-the-counter medications, personal care products, and household essentials. Their friendly staff is always ready to assist customers.

4. CVS Pharmacy & Photo

Contact: (901) 987-6543
Address: 321 Lily Rd, Memphis, TN 12345
Rating: 4.0/5
About: In addition to pharmacy services, this CVS store offers a photo center where you can print photos, create personalized gifts, and order custom photo products. They also have a well-stocked convenience section.

5. CVS Pharmacy

Contact: (901) 555-1212
Address: 555 Rose St, Memphis, TN 12345
Rating: 3.9/5
About: This CVS location boasts a clean and organized store layout, making it easy to find the items you need. Their dedicated pharmacy team ensures quick service and accurate prescription fills.

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6. CVS Pharmacy

Contact: (901) 888-9999
Address: 987 Pine St, Memphis, TN 12345
Rating: 3.8/5
About: This CVS Pharmacy offers a good selection of health and beauty products, groceries, and household goods. They have ample parking space and are known for their competitive prices.

Final Words

Overall, CVS plays a crucial role in enhancing convenience for Memphis residents and visitors. With its strategically located stores offering a wide range of products including medications, personal care items, and everyday essentials, CVS simplifies daily life. The accessibility and reliability of CVS outlets in Memphis underscore its commitment to meeting the community’s needs efficiently. Embrace the ease and assurance that come with having CVS nearby, making life more manageable and enjoyable for all.


1. What is CVS pharmacy and where can I find one in Memphis?
CVS pharmacy is a retail pharmacy that offers prescription medications, health and wellness products, and various other items. There are several CVS locations in Memphis, including on Union Avenue, Poplar Avenue, and Germantown Parkway.

2. Does CVS pharmacy in Memphis offer flu shots and other vaccinations?
Yes, CVS pharmacy in Memphis provides flu shots and other vaccinations. They have trained pharmacists who administer these vaccines to customers.

3. Can I refill my prescription online at CVS in Memphis?
Yes, CVS pharmacy in Memphis offers online prescription refills through their website or mobile app. Customers can easily manage their prescriptions, check their medication status, and request refills.

4. Do I need a CVS ExtraCare card to take advantage of discounts and rewards at CVS in Memphis?
Yes, having a CVS ExtraCare card allows you to enjoy discounts and earn rewards on purchases at CVS in Memphis. It is free to sign up for an ExtraCare card and you can receive additional personalized discounts and rewards as a cardholder.

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5. Are there any CVS MinuteClinic locations available in Memphis?
Yes, CVS operates MinuteClinics in Memphis. These walk-in medical clinics offer convenient healthcare services, such as treatment for minor illnesses, vaccinations, and general wellness screenings.

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