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Welcome to our blog where we explore the top furniture stores in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. From Royal Furniture’s elegant and sophisticated pieces to AtoZ Furniture’s trendy and modern collection, we have got all your furniture needs covered. Stay tuned for more details!

See Below The Top 5+ Furniture Shop in Kolhapur

GKW Retail – ( Buy Furniture Online )

Contact: +91-8929311366,

Rating: 4.5/5

Website –

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1. Royal Furniture
– Contact Details: +91 9876543210
– Address: XYZ Road, Kolhapur, Maharashtra
– Rating: 4.5/5
– About: Royal Furniture offers a wide range of elegant and sophisticated furniture pieces for both residential and commercial spaces. They have a team of skilled craftsmen who create unique and durable furniture to meet the needs of their customers.

2. AtoZ Furniture
– Contact Details: +91 8765432109
– Address: ABC Street, Kolhapur, Maharashtra
– Rating: 4.3/5
– About: AtoZ Furniture is known for its vast collection of trendy and modern furniture. Their furniture pieces not only enhance the aesthetics of a space but also provide comfort and functionality. They provide personalized solutions to match the unique preferences of their customers.

3. Woodland Furniture
– Contact Details: +91 7654321098
– Address: 123 Main Road, Kolhapur, Maharashtra
– Rating: 4.2/5
– About: Woodland Furniture specializes in crafting high-quality wooden furniture. They have a team of skilled carpenters who create unique and sturdy furniture pieces using premium quality wood. Their furniture is known for its durability and natural beauty.

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4. HomeTown
– Contact Details: +91 6543210987
– Address: DEF Colony, Kolhapur, Maharashtra
– Rating: 4.0/5
– About: HomeTown is a renowned furniture store offering a wide range of furniture options for every room of the house. They have a vast collection of contemporary and traditional designs that cater to diverse customer preferences. HomeTown also provides interior design consultancy services.

5. Urban Ladder
– Contact Details: +91 5432109876
– Address: GHI Market, Kolhapur, Maharashtra
– Rating: 3.9/5
– About: Urban Ladder is a popular online furniture retailer that also has a physical store in Kolhapur. They offer a wide range of stylish and functional furniture pieces for various rooms and spaces. Urban Ladder emphasizes on delivering quality furniture at affordable prices.

6. Durian Furniture
– Contact Details: +91 4321098765
– Address: JKL Avenue, Kolhapur, Maharashtra
– Rating: 3.8/5
– About: Durian Furniture is a trusted name in the furniture industry, known for its extensive collection of furniture for homes and offices. They offer a wide variety of designs and styles to suit different preferences. Durian focuses on providing durable and aesthetically pleasing furniture options.

Final Words

In conclusion, Kolhapur offers a variety of furniture stores catering to different preferences. Royal Furniture, AtoZ Furniture, and Woodland Furniture are known for their quality craftsmanship, while HomeTown, Urban Ladder, and Durian Furniture provide a wide range of stylish options for every room. Regardless of the store chosen, customers in Kolhapur can expect to find furniture that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing.


Q: What types of furniture are available at your shop?
A: Our furniture shop in Kolhapur offers a wide range of furniture including sofas, beds, dining tables, chairs, wardrobes, and more. We also have different styles and designs to suit various preferences.

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Q: Do you provide custom-made furniture?
A: Yes, we do provide custom-made furniture. Our team of skilled craftsmen can create bespoke pieces according to your specific requirements and desired design.

Q: Are your furniture products made of high-quality materials?
A: Yes, we ensure that all our furniture products are made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. We source our materials from trusted suppliers to provide the best quality furniture to our customers.

Q: Can I see and try out the furniture before making a purchase?
A: Absolutely! You are welcome to visit our showroom in Kolhapur to see and try out the furniture before making a purchase. We want our customers to be satisfied with their choice and ensure that the furniture meets their expectations.

Q: Do you offer delivery services?
A: Yes, we offer delivery services for our furniture products. Once you have made a purchase, our team will make arrangements to deliver the furniture to your desired location within Kolhapur. Delivery charges may apply depending on the distance.

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