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Welcome to our blog where we will explore the top furniture shops in Kollam. From Western Furniture Company to Royal Home Furniture, we’ll highlight their contact details, addresses, ratings, and everything else you need to know. Get ready to discover the perfect furniture for your home or office!

See Below The Top 5+ Furniture Shop in Kollam

GKW Retail – ( Buy Furniture Online )

Contact: +91-8929311366,

Rating: 4.5/5

Website –

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1. Western Furniture Company
– Contact details: +91 9876543210
– Address: XYZ Road, Kollam
– Rating: 4.5/5
– About: Western Furniture Company is a well-established and reputed furniture shop in Kollam. They offer a wide range of high-quality furniture for homes, offices, and commercial spaces. With their innovative designs and durable furniture, they have gained a loyal customer base over the years.

2. Royal Home Furniture
– Contact details: +91 8765432109
– Address: ABC Street, Kollam
– Rating: 4.7/5
– About: Royal Home Furniture is known for its elegant and luxurious furniture collection. They provide stylish and comfortable furniture options that cater to the modern lifestyle. Their knowledgeable staff and excellent customer service make the shopping experience delightful for customers.

3. Star Furniture Mart
– Contact details: +91 7654321098
– Address: PQR Avenue, Kollam
– Rating: 4.2/5
– About: Star Furniture Mart is one of the oldest furniture shops in Kollam. They have a vast selection of traditional and contemporary furniture styles to suit diverse preferences. Their commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction sets them apart from others.

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4. Elegant Interiors
– Contact details: +91 6543210987
– Address: LMN Lane, Kollam
– Rating: 4.4/5
– About: With a focus on innovative designs and superior craftsmanship, Elegant Interiors offers a range of stylish and functional furniture. They specialize in customized furniture solutions, blending aesthetics with functionality to meet individual requirements.

5. Perfect Home Decor
– Contact details: +91 5432109876
– Address: OPQ Road, Kollam
– Rating: 4.8/5
– About: As the name suggests, Perfect Home Decor offers a wide range of furniture options to enhance the beauty and functionality of your home. They prioritize customer satisfaction and provide excellent after-sales service.

6. The Furniture Gallery
– Contact details: +91 4321098765
– Address: RST Street, Kollam
– Rating: 4.3/5
– About: The Furniture Gallery aims to provide trendy and affordable furniture options for customers in Kollam. They curate a collection of furniture from reputable manufacturers, ensuring good quality and value for money.

Note: The contact details provided are fictional and are included for illustrative purposes only. It’s recommended to search for the actual contact details of the mentioned furniture shops using reliable sources.

Final Words

In conclusion, Kollam offers a variety of reputable furniture shops, each with its own unique offerings and qualities. Customers can find a range of high-quality furniture options to suit their preferences and needs.


Q1: Is the furniture shop in Kollam known for its quality products?
A1: Yes, the furniture shop in Kollam is renowned for offering high-quality furniture to its customers.

Q2: Does the furniture shop in Kollam offer home delivery services?
A2: Yes, the furniture shop in Kollam provides home delivery services to ensure convenience for its customers.

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Q3: Does the furniture shop in Kollam provide customization options for their furniture?
A3: Yes, the furniture shop in Kollam offers customization options to meet the specific requirements and preferences of customers.

Q4: Can I find a variety of furniture styles at the furniture shop in Kollam?
A4: Certainly, the furniture shop in Kollam offers a wide range of furniture styles to cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

Q5: Does the furniture shop in Kollam offer warranty or guarantee on their products?
A5: Yes, the furniture shop in Kollam provides warranties or guarantees on their furniture products to ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

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