Schools In Miyapur: Schools Near Me In Miyapur

Welcome to our blog on schools in Miyapur! Located in the vibrant city of Hyderabad, Miyapur is known for its top-quality educational institutions. In this blog, we will explore the various schools in Miyapur and provide valuable insights for parents and students alike.

Here You Can See 5+ Schools In Miyapur

1. Orchids The International School
Phone: +91-9590995577
Address: Plot No. 5, Whitefields, Miyapur, Hyderabad – 500049
Rating: 4.5/5
About: Orchids The International School is a renowned educational institution offering a holistic learning experience. With a strong emphasis on academics, co-curricular activities, and values-based education, the school aims to provide a well-rounded development for its students.

2. Sancta Maria International School
Phone: +91-8297108570
Address: Huda Techno Enclave, Miyapur, Hyderabad – 500049
Rating: 4.6/5
About: Sancta Maria International School follows an inquiry-based curriculum, encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The school focuses on nurturing students’ creativity, cultural awareness, and character development, providing a supportive learning environment.

3. Sentia The Global School
Phone: +91-9107338111
Address: Plot No. 75, Pioneer Avenue, Near Kakatiya Hills, Miyapur, Hyderabad – 500050
Rating: 4.3/5
About: Sentia The Global School offers a blend of international and Indian curriculum, fostering a well-rounded education. The school promotes experiential learning, personalized attention, and a strong academic foundation, providing students with a comprehensive learning experience.

4. Delhi Public School – Miyapur
Phone: +91-9393110222
Address: Survey No. 74, Khajaguda Village, Jnanadeep Housing Society, Miyapur, Hyderabad – 500049
Rating: 4.7/5
About: Delhi Public School, Miyapur is part of the esteemed Delhi Public School Society and follows a holistic approach towards education. The school offers a stimulating learning environment, focusing on academic excellence, character building, and holistic development.

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5. Meridian School
Phone: +91-9391046667
Address: Plot No. 63, Near Brand Factory, Vittal Rao Nagar, Miyapur, Hyderabad – 500049
Rating: 4.4/5
About: Meridian School provides a conducive learning environment and a comprehensive curriculum that caters to the overall development of students. The school emphasizes academic excellence, co-curricular activities, and character-building programs.

6. Prerana Waldorf School
Phone: +91-9849968460
Address: Plot No. 294, Near Petrol Bunk, Venkataramana Colony, Miyapur, Hyderabad – 500049
Rating: 4.2/5
About: Prerana Waldorf School follows the Waldorf educational philosophy, focusing on nurturing the holistic development of children. The school provides a creative and experiential learning approach alongside a strong academic foundation, encouraging individuality and self-expression.


In conclusion, Schools in Miyapur offer a comprehensive education that focuses on holistic development. With their state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated faculty, these schools strive to provide the best possible education for students to excel academically and personally.

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